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in your pirate AU how are reynabeth going to be in it? like who are they? also do you know when we're getting the first chapter or something? (sorry to be a pain but I'm really excited for it) — Anonymous

Hello there!
Well, Annabeth is going to be a Sailing Master (which was a tough job that required a lot of education since maps weren’t precise and sometimes nonexistent. And it was her job to direct the course and just be in charge of navigation in general). I’m also considering her as a Quartermaster, but Sailing Master is my first option.
Annabeth was aboard two other ships before Percy’s. She’s the only one with whom Leo isn’t constantly trying to flirt.
Reyna is a Gunner, responsible for artillery. I thought of her as a Quartermaster as well, but it’s a second option. Reyna and Leo bicker a fucking lot. Annabeth is jealous as fuck. I’m not sure if I’m going to make their relationship stabilished already or if it’ll grow along with the story. But there’ll be feelings already from the beginning.

I actually haven’t started to write yet. I was traveling and I really don’t like to write on another computer. (I’m also answering this question on my cellphone, which is not ideal). I’ve been sketching and making plans and mental maps and trying to make everything fit. I already know how the first two chapters will go, but will only start writing on Friday (when I’ll be home with my gorgeous computer).

And, shh, you’re not a pain in the ass at all! I like getting asks, it makes me see people interested (which feels amazing)!

I read your pirate AU ideas and I was just wondering. Can Nico be a cabin boy AND sex slave to the captain??? — Anonymous

That’s the plan!

… Ok, not exactly. The thing about cabin boys is that they were sort of apprentices and had different jobs around the ship (like running messages and errands for the officers, preparing the uniforms for the crew, fetching their dinners etc). Which, yeah, kind of mean they were servants. (I’ve heard two versions: that cabin boys only served the captain, and that they had to serve everyone in the crew. I’ve decided to be in the middle. Which means that he does serve the entire crew, but the captain is his “priority”).
Well, the thing not everybody knows is that in many cases his “services” were sexual. No, that was not a rule. No, it didn’t happen all the time. But, yes, there were cases. (Although I have to say: all the ones I’ve heard of were on official ships, I haven’t heard it in any pirate ship. But yeah. Anyway)

Ok, so to sum it all up (because I ramble too much and it ends up not being clear): Nico will be expected to have sex. Not only with the Captain. But, if things go as I plan, he won’t be a slave. 

Also, shit, I was trying not to spoil this but I have to: there won’t be only one ship and one crew in this story.

There. I’ve said it.

(Also, I’m not sure if I’ve answered your question the way you expected, so let me know just in case!)

… i like this. i like this a lot. especially piper’s. yes. yes. thank you, ana!

SAHDSAUIHDSAIUHSDAI YESSSS. i have no idea what to expect of it because it’s my first time with threesomes. but i gotta try it.


ok, so about the pirate!au: there was a tie between jasico, jercy and percico. so i’m considering a threesome

no regrets. and no, i don’t like love triangles, i think threesomes are a much better solution to all problems. but still, i’m not 100% sure.

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Greetings, mortals!

Ok, so today I went to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. And during the many hours we spent there I just couldn’t stop thinking about PJO/HOH pirate!au. Like, really, every corner of it made me think of a pirate au and now it’s stuck in my mind.

The thing though is: I had different ideas involving different characters and I don’t know what to do. So I resorted to hoping tumblr would help me.

Guys, could you please let me know which characters and couples would you like to see in a pirate au?

I’ve put some couples on the tags. They are the ones I’m more familiar with, but I’m okay with others as well. 

Pretty please?

Oh! Oh!

Can I ask you all to please send me some Percico prompts? I’ve just been crazily in the mood for it lately.

It could be AU or not. But just. Please?

Hello, this is one of those I-am-not-dead posts.

I don’t know, I just disappeared so, yeah, just letting you guys know that I’m working on multiple things at the same time. Some of them close to being finished, some of them not yet. So, hm, I probably will be around soon enough to show new things. 

i can't find your fics, like how do i actually read them'?? — Anonymous

Oh, hey! You can find them here or here. There are 3 others posted on a Brazilian website (and they are written in Portuguese).  

But most of the things I’m working on are not posted anywhere right now.